CPhIworldwide Milan

CPhI Worldwide 2021 in Milan

Vectans Pharma will be present at the CPhI worldwide in Milan from November 9 to 11, 2021.

OTC switch approval for SitavigFrance

OTC switch approval for Sitavig® 50 mg in France

Vectans pharma is proud to announce that its one-per-episode Lauriad® aciclovir treatment tablet for herpes labialis, Sitavig® 50mg, has received the approbation of the ANSM for OTC commercialization in France. Issued from Lauriad technology, SITAVIG ensures an optimum and efficient localized concentration of acyclovir directly at the disease site.
A big step for Vectans , but also for the many patients in France prone to recurrent

Lauriad technology

Lauriad® technology in pictures

Because changing the way medicines are delivered can improve patient’s life drastically. With Lauriad® we are committed to optimizing the existing therapeutic offer, bringing out new « best-in-disease » drugs.


China's NMPA authorization

China approves authorization of commercialization for Oravig®


Happy New Year!

In 2021, Vectans Pharma will offer new therapeutic perspectives based on Lauriad® technology.


LORAMYC® 50 mg in Germany

Vectans Pharma is glad to inform you that BfArM granted a 3-year exemption of the sunset clause for LORAMYC® 50 mg, a muco‐adhesive buccal tablets issued from the Lauriad Technology, an innovative and patented drug delivery system ensuring targeted diffusion of Miconazole. In addition to Germany, LORAMYC® is also registered in other European countries such as the United Kingdom, France and Italy. LORAMYC® also benefits from an international presence through international licensing agreements in the United States and Asian countries.

Visuel 2

Exclusive licensing agreement with m8 Pharmaceuticals

Jonathan Cohen promoted Director of Regulatory and Industrial Affairs

" It has been more than a year since Jonathan joined  Vectans pharma team. Over the past few months, his professional expertise has been a major asset for our growing international development. I have no doubt that he will assume his new responsibilities with the same efficiency and wish him every success."
Jérôme Théron, co-founder and CEO of Vectans Pharma

Jonathan Cohen, has been promoted to Director of Regulatory and Industrial Affairs and member of the Executive Committee. He held positions in French and International Regulatory Affairs at Galderma and Johnson & Johnson. He then developed his expertise in pharmaceuticals affairs at Teva laboratory as a Project Manager in Medico-Pharmaceutical Deontology and was responsible for OTC activity within the Procter & Gamble Teva joint venture. Since September 2018, Jonathan Cohen has joined Vectans Pharma as International Regulatory Affairs Manager.


Meeting on ORAVI® /LORAMYC® with Sosei Heptares and FujiFilm Pharma

On July 13, Vectans Pharma participated to the Commemorative Lecture for new release of ORAVI®/LORAMYC® Mucoadhesive Tablet 50mg, a meeting organized by our Japanese partners, Sosei Heptares and FujiFilm Pharma. The meeting hosted more than 200 Japanese specialists in Oropharyngeal Candidiasis, coming from whole over Japan.

Our CMO, Dr Stefan Lempereur, gave a lecture entitled “The ORAVI® story, from discovery to clinics”. The Academic session was followed by an information exchange meeting with all attendees, allowing the CEOs of the three companies involved to make speeches, and allowing interesting discussions with the local experts.


An innovative medecine for treating herpes labialis

About 1 in 10 people suffer from recurring herpes labialis1 in France. Patients have an average of 3,4 episodes each year, which significantly affect their personal and social life2.

Vectans Pharma launches a therapeutic innovation in France for treating recurrences of herpes labialis in immunocompetent adults who experience frequent outbreaks of herpes. This is the very first treatment that allows a single-dose administration of 50 mg of acyclovir for each herpes labialis episode, now available in pharmacy.

In order to insure a successful launch, Vectans Pharma notably relies on a dedicated team in charge of promoting the product.
Thus, dermatologists, general practicioners and pharmacists can discover this new therapeutic treatment in herpes labialis.

1) Lara El Hayderi and Arjen F. Nikkels. Infections par les virus herpès simplex 1 et 2, In Dermatologie infectieuse, edited by Mourad Mokni, Nicolas Dupin and Pascal del Giuduce, Elsevier Masson, Paris, 2014, Pages 7-16, ISBN 9782294732843, https://doi.org/10.1016/B978-2-294-73284-3.00002-8.
2) Dreno B, Malkin J-E, Saiag P. Understanding recurrent herpes labialis management and impact on patients’ quality of life: the HERPESCOPE study. Eur J Dermatol 2013; 23(4): 491-9.

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