Lauriad® applications

Through the Lauriad® technology, two drug applications have been designed: Lauriad® Miconazole and Lauriad® Acyclovir. Both of them deliver a high concentration of active substance directly to the infection site.


The first application aims oropharyngeal candidiasis, which is among the most common opportunistic infections observed in immunodeficient patients.

Lauriad® Miconazole is an innovative medicine with activity against many Candida species, included some that may be resistant to other azoles.

Lauriad® Miconazole has been registered as Loramyc®/Oravig®/Oravi® in the main regions of the world.

With an authorization granted by US FDA, PMDA, NMPA, EU Agencies, Lauriad® Miconazole offers a new therapeutic horizon for supportive care.


The second application deals with treatment for herpes labialis as it remains a challenge in the 21st century. The virus is ubiquitous and there is no vaccine against the disease. Although recurrence episodes are usually of shorter duration than primary episode, they embarass patients and there is significant stigma associated with the disease.

It is in this perspective that Lauriad® Acyclovir has been approved by the main health authorities around the world (such as US FDA, AIFA, ANSM, MFDS…) and allows to complete the therapeutic arsenal for herpes labialis, which affects approximately 20-40 % of the population worldwide.

Lauriad® Acyclovir is registered as Sitavig® or Labiriad® in different countries and benefits from both Rx and OTC status.

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