Lauriad®  technology

Lauriad® was conceived to reveal and optimize the full potential of a large portfolio of active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs).

This innovative drug-delivery system enables the extended mucosal (local treatment) and/or transmucosal (systemic treatment) release of APIs. The benefits of Lauriad® include:

  • Safe, immediate and prolonged API concentrations at the infection site
  • targeted efficacy
  • reduced adverse effects via minimal systemic concentrations.

The tablet formulation is based on a novel natural biodegradable polymer derived from milk protein concentrate (MPC) in combination with hydrophilic matrix made of hypromellose, associated with active pharmaceutical ingredient (API).

When applied under a patient’s upper lip, the tablet adheres to the mucosa then dissolves within 12-16 hours, allowing the slow release of the API.

Unlock the full potential of your drug!

Image Lauriad Technology