Vectans Pharma, an ability to master key skills
in the pharma industry

Scientific collaborations
& life cycle management

- We collaborate & build network with university laboratories, academic institutions and key opinion leaders :

to identify external innovations for unmet patient needs through screening of products, innovative molecules or patents

to explore new indications or new drug delivery systems

& market access

- We provide regulatory & market access added value services to our customers and partners

- We maintain continuous contacts with health authorities, directly or through our partners

- We have the expertise to implement Rx-to-OTC switches

of pharmaceuticals assets

- We have a broad experience in target identification, contract negotiation and integration of acquired products worldwide.

- In addition to acquisition, we are also actively looking for
in-licensing opportunities. We have a good experience in bringing new products to market.



Alliance management
& international commercialization

- We get into licensing-out agreements with larger pharma companies transfering our marketing authorizations

- We have also the ability to remain Marketing Authorization Holder and sell our products worldwide through international distributors or direct commercialization.

- One of our key expertise is the selection and the development of close partnerships to secure the business

- To contribute to a profitable growth we provide in-depth market analysis and integrated marketing campaigns.